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But there is a legal obstacle that may keep the U.S. astronauts off the
Space Station.

Many people couldn’t find jobs on the outside, and they went into
business for themselves, primarily to serve their own neighborhood.

Borrowed words are also known as loan-words. They refer to linguistic
forms taken over by one language or dialect from another.


Those immigrants had been uneducated farm laborers in the vicinity of
Canton in Southeast China before they came to America.

亚洲必赢官网app,He says Muslim populations must not only strive for peace, but also for
economic vitality.

Today we’ll be continuing our discussion of the Canadian government,
with the focus on its structure.

The Canadian parliament is divided into a lower house, the House of
Commons, and an upper house called the Senate.


A room in halls would cost you about 80 pounds per week outside of

They are not rare, but occur daily, emitting their light in high energy
gamma rays.它们并不稀罕,而是每一天都有发生,并且会释放出高能伽马射线。

It rains often in the UK, and even in the summer it can still be quite

For many years it was common in the United States to associate Chinese
Americans with restaurants and laundries.

At first glance, the similarity between British and Canadian political
conditions are great.

Finally, in 1882, the Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which
stopped the immigration of Chinese laborers.

Anti-Chinese riots broke out in many cities. Some even developed into
arson and bloodshed.

Astronomers have detected the most distant explosion ever witnessed in
the heavens.天思想家探测到了天空中一贯最好悠久的四次爆炸。

As in the case of their predecessors, these Chinese were almost all
males and they encountered a great deal of prejudice.

He told business leaders gathered in Hong Kong Monday that the Islamic
world must do all it can to end poverty among all Muslims.


However, during World War Two, when China was an ally of the United
States, the Exclusion laws were ended.

It is that Europe must adapt itself to changing times in order to
compete economically, not just with the United States but also with such
rising giants as China and India.


The Renaissance opened up a new source for the English vocabulary to
enrich itself.

When heads of state visit Canada, they will first be greeted by the
Governor General, before being welcomed by the Prime Minister.


In astronomy, distance means time. The further something is away, the
longer its light has been travelling to get to us.

The active vocabulary refers to lexical items which a person uses. The
passive vocabulary refers to the words which he understands.


These blasts are the most powerful in the universe, sending out 100
million times the energy the Sun does in one year.

Before you write something, you need to have a clear idea of the topic,
the audience, and the purpose of your writing.

The English vocabulary has replenished itself by continually taking over
words from other languages over the centuries.

And in the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the
Renaissance swept Europe. It was a revival of art and literature based
on ancient Greek learning.

Mr. Blair said those criticisms are unfair and his aim is not to kill
Europe’s highly regulated social model but to change it.

Most of today’s Chinese Americans are the descendants of some of the
early miners and railroad workers.

From the sixteenth century forward, there was a great increase in the
number of languages, and English borrowed many words from these

The primary focus will be on the living conditions of peasants during
the 1930s.

As shown in the example in our book, the same topic, when written to
different audiences, can have very different content, structure, style,


And the cheapest places to eat out are often local pubs, where they
serve excellent home-cooked food, as well as serving as the centre of
social life in most towns and cities in the UK.

There you will find wonderful countryside with the most spectacular
views and many traditional towns and villages.


For persuasive or argumentative writings, you can classify audiences
into three groups: those who agree, those who are neutral or undecided,
and those who disagree.

Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sun-dial in the



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